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Swordfish is focused on creating actionable capabilities for cyber incidents detection and response.

Nowadays the question is not "have you been breached" but actually "did you detect the breach".


In a perfect world, where prevention devices actually prevent breaches, detection is redundant, but in reality, being able to detect in time and knowing what to do when an incident occurs, is a must, as many unfortunate corporates have discovered.

Letting machines figure it out using big data & machine learning technologies is not the solution, it's just the first step in understanding something is wrong. determining if it's a "good or bad wrong" is still the humans job.


We need the best people to respond to cyber incidents because that is the time we need them most.

unfortunately, the world is lacking true experts and most of us can't afford them.


But what if - we can get expert knowledge and experience in detecting & handling incidents into machines we already have (like SIEM's) or into automation systems?

what if we can focus our defenses just on the core functions of our organizations?

Sure, we won't be to detect or respond to 100% of the incidents, but the ones we would detect and respond to - will be the ones that matter.


Mr. Fisher is an experienced IT and cybersecurity expert. 

Prior to founding Swordfish, Mr. Fisher was the CTO and general manager of We-Ankor Cyber division.

Mr. Fisher is involved in the majority of Israel's SIEM and security operation centers implementations in the banking, telecom and government sectors. 
Mr. Fisher holds a CISSP and an ENCE certifications, in addition to a BA (completed with excellence) in Criminology.

Dori Fisher
Founder & Ceo
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